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Recording | Music Production

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Our recording and music production services are ideal for songwriters, voice-over artists, bands, and those simply wishing to turn great ideas into reality. We’re there if you need some extra studio time or perhaps some creative input to give your project a greater chance of gaining the valuable exposure it needs.

At Living Image, our focus is on creative development. This can especially benefit the uninitiated who may find large, expensive recording studios and creative agencies daunting, distracting and frankly unaffordable.

Music Production

In honing the characteristics of your music production, and with some simple application, your sound can take on a previously undiscovered identity. By keeping the process simple and friendly we aim to keep you happy! and importantly, provide value for money.

Below are a couple of before and after music production samples selected from tracks on the Area 53 demo. The exemplars help to showcase what can be achieved, in this case having applied some simple processing, following a live, raw – rough and ready recording session with the full band. Check out our services and our latest work to get a feel of what we can offer your project.

Mixing Desk

07 PM | 28 Apr

Songwriting | Artist Support

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Friendly, professional help is on hand for artists at all levels. Run BY musicians FOR musicians. We understand the creative process, and it’s emerging connection with digital recording and sequencing technology.


We’re here to help bring your ideas to life. We can support you collaboratively with songwriting, performance feedback, backing tracks and arrangements, or just be someone to hit record and make the tea. We are happy to work around YOUR needs and support YOUR creative process.

Artist Development Support

If you are an artist or a band, our aim is always to help discover the greatest potential possible within your music. If you are investing in yourself, you’re investing in the tools and knowledge you need to go forward with your ideas. So if you need to cut a demo, develop some new material or find out what your voice really sounds like, check out our services or just contact our team for a preliminary chat.

It’s always great to meet like minds!

Singer Songwriter

07 PM | 28 Apr

Creative Services | Digital Media

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Filming Music Video

Creative Services

In the modern age of digital media and social networking, your identity and online presence has never been more paramount to the success of your creative ideas. At Living Image we understand the impact your projects can have for a wider audience, when treated with the care and attention they deserve.

We can sort for you a fresh new website, a perfectly responsive and mobile friendly central hub for all your communications and profile updates. We’ll maximise your content to reach the broadest channels possible, the sky’s the limit.

Digital media

We can help manage and streamline your social media engagement and support you with strategies for how and when that might occur. On top of all of this we can arrange and direct any photography or video shoots you may require as well as support you creatively with your identity including overarching brand support and even custom artwork.

Are you are an artist, performer or band who is going somewhere? Living Image Music can read the map, hold your hand, or even carry you some of the way. Work with us and allow our team to take some of the strain, we’ll supply the organisation needed to platform your professional music career – to help eventually unlock those elusive doors to an ever-adapting and dynamic industry.

Here is a simple 5 angle capture of a performance by drummer Mike Cooper. It gives you a good idea of how you can achieve a great quality video in a setting where the focus is on the music and honest to goodness sound recording; ideal for landing you those all important gigs and building your online audience. If you are interested in this service, then please contact our team.

07 PM | 28 Apr

Composition | Sync Music

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Bespoke Composition

We love music, we love sound, we also love the art of moving image, so we embrace the creative possibilities that emerge when both are combined perfectly. The symbiosis of these popular mediums should be inspiring, and our bespoke composition and sync music services get straight to the heart of that union. This is a hugely exciting area for us; where we can network with broadcasters, filmmakers, animators and videographers alike and ultimately deliver some awe inspiring work.

Sync Music

We always keep a keen eye out for a mouthwatering brief to pitch for and likewise for new talent coming through, who might be in need of our support and dedication. If you are seeking music for film and video or sound design services, here we are; please take some time to listen to our recent efforts and let us know more about your project.

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