07 PM | 28 Apr

Composition | Sync Music

Acoustic Guitar Sound Hole

Bespoke Composition

We love music, we love sound, we also love the art of moving image, so we embrace the creative possibilities that emerge when both are combined perfectly. The symbiosis of these popular mediums should be inspiring, and our bespoke composition and sync music services get straight to the heart of that union. This is a hugely exciting area for us; where we can network with broadcasters, filmmakers, animators and videographers alike and ultimately deliver some awe inspiring work.

Sync Music

We always keep a keen eye out for a mouthwatering brief to pitch for and likewise for new talent coming through, who might be in need of our support and dedication. If you are seeking music for film and video or sound design services, here we are; please take some time to listen to our recent efforts and let us know more about your project.

Tenor Saxophone