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Recording | Music Production

Headphones Studio


Our recording and music production services are ideal for songwriters, voice-over artists, bands, and those simply wishing to turn great ideas into reality. We’re there if you need some extra studio time or perhaps some creative input to give your project a greater chance of gaining the valuable exposure it needs.

At Living Image, our focus is on creative development. This can especially benefit the uninitiated who may find large, expensive recording studios and creative agencies daunting, distracting and frankly unaffordable.

Music Production

In honing the characteristics of your music production, and with some simple application, your sound can take on a previously undiscovered identity. By keeping the process simple and friendly we aim to keep you happy! and importantly, provide value for money.

Below are a couple of before and after music production samples selected from tracks on the Area 53 demo. The exemplars help to showcase what can be achieved, in this case having applied some simple processing, following a live, raw – rough and ready recording session with the full band. Check out our services and our latest work to get a feel of what we can offer your project.

Mixing Desk