07 PM | 28 Apr

Songwriting | Artist Support

Girl Pianist

Friendly, professional help is on hand for artists at all levels. Run BY musicians FOR musicians. We understand the creative process, and it’s emerging connection with digital recording and sequencing technology.


We’re here to help bring your ideas to life. We can support you collaboratively with songwriting, performance feedback, backing tracks and arrangements, or just be someone to hit record and make the tea. We are happy to work around YOUR needs and support YOUR creative process.

Artist Development Support

If you are an artist or a band, our aim is always to help discover the greatest potential possible within your music. If you are investing in yourself, you’re investing in the tools and knowledge you need to go forward with your ideas. So if you need to cut a demo, develop some new material or find out what your voice really sounds like, check out our services or just contact our team for a preliminary chat.

It’s always great to meet like minds!

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