09 PM | 09 May

Living Image Music Lives!

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The team at Living Image Music are very pleased to announce the launch of our website and indeed the launch of our business, Welcome! and please feel free to take a look around.

Over the past couple of years we have been working with artists and bands and feverishly toiling away on songs, compositions, recordings and well, websites.

Now we are at this point we can finally start sharing it all with our supporters and get some valuable feedback.

Introducing Living Image

Our music services cover all range of projects, from recording, music production and songwriting to artist development, creative services and digital media. We are a small collective of songwriters, musicians and creative support specialists and our aim is to deliver high quality music and media enhancement services at prices that reflect the independent and collaborative model of our company.

Supporting New Music & Media

At Living Image, our focus is on creative development. This can especially benefit the uninitiated who may find large, expensive recording studios and creative agencies daunting, distracting and frankly unaffordable. If you are an artist or a band, our aim is always to help discover the greatest potential possible within your music. If you are investing in yourself, you’re investing in the tools and knowledge you need to go forward with your ideas. So if you need to cut a demo, develop some new material or find out what your voice really sounds like, check out our services or just contact our team for a preliminary chat.

your identity and online presence has never been more paramount to the success of your creative ideas. Our team understand the impact your projects can have for a wider audience when treated with the care and attention they deserve.

We can sort for you a fresh new website, a perfectly responsive and mobile friendly central hub for all your communications and profile updates. We’ll maximise your content to reach the broadest channels possible, the sky’s the limit.

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So that’s the pitch out of the way! This website will continue to say something about us as a team, we’re friendly, approachable, positive and most of all passionate about music. We’d love you to look around and get your thoughts about our work and the way we are doing things here, your views are hugely important to us moving forward.

Join us in the usual online hangouts to get updates about what we’re up to, we promise to not bombard you with nonsense… well mostly, thanks for reading and bye for now!