12 AM | 10 May

Artist Updates: Living Image – Home to New Music

Acoustic Guitar Player Summer

Over the last couple of years we’ve had the pleasure of working closely with some great local artists, musicians and songwriters creating new music. Here’s a brief lowdown of what we’ve been cooking up for these undiscovered talents, as well as a summary of what to expect from some of them in the near future.

Fabian Belassie

Fabian Belassie is a fantastic singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, a pleasure to work with and all-round thoroughly nice chap. A master of the live performance, Fabian mixes it up with loop pedals and instrumental percussive as well as soaring, layered melodies to create his own one man wall of sound. Neil has worked with Fabian over the past couple of years, working up some rather smashing and altogether eclectic tunes.

Lauren Castle

Lauren Castle is a sublime young singer-songwriter from Wiltshire with a rare, haunting vocal – yet brim full of innocent optimism. She is blazing trails on the heels of other local talent gone stellar such as Gabrielle Aplin. Lauren has an awesome work ethic and has been working with Neil in the hub for the past couple of months on some new (and revisited) material. Expect her latest offerings to go live before the summer is out. ‘Vintage Dress’ EP due to be released in June ‘14.

Jo Deacon

Jo Deacon is an amazing vocalist and recording artist. She is one of those ‘lucky ones’ whose effortless professional singing style is only surpassed by a powerful yet pure vocal tone. She has worked with Neil on several projects but has also teamed up with Living Image more recently on their forthcoming and ‘in progress’ mini series of songs, provisionally dubbed the ‘Dumb Luck EP’, Enjoy Retrograde.

Nick Dale

Nick is a true gentleman, a most intelligent songwriter and wordsmith who has produced two albums at the Living Image HQ over the past couple of years. His songs combine modern observational prose with quirky and innocent production styles which is sure to charm yet disarm the average listener. Drenched in witty references and drawing upon a plethora of classic influences, each song manages to outwit the last whilst remaining complimentary, like mutually respectful professors discussing classic literature. ‘Fortune Road’ provides a fly-on-the-wall perspective on the folly of greed, set against a playful backdrop of stranglers-esque delight. This is pure, insightful songwriting at it’s best.

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