10 PM | 09 May

BBC Wild Mission Pitch: Siberian Tiger

Siberian tiger prowlingthrough snow

These short compositions were part of an extended piece that we had put together back in 2013. The music was written for an open pitch requesting submissions for the BBC natural history ‘Wild Mission’ mini-series.

Composing the Music to Footage

The brief outlined which three moods the music was required to evoke. We uncovered some old BBC natural history footage of a hunting tiger that followed the scheme and had space for the various vibe. We then researched the indigenous folk music of tribes and cultures in the Siberia region to get a bead on the sound palettes we wanted to use.

By chance, there also happened to be an old, dusty balalaika in the studio that had been knocking around for years just waiting to be recorded; perfect! With all those rich sonics and instruments in mind we then set about composing the music to the footage, et voila!

The Tiger. Photo by smerikal

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